Use Prebid Analytics as a white-label solution
or connect it to your system via API
AsterioBid Analytics System
Prebid Analytics that is specially designed
for AdOps agencies and AdTech companies
  • 1
    Utilize White-Label Solution
    Customize your agency interface with logo and branded colors and and grant your clients access to branded data.
  • 2
    Leverage API Integration Power
    Seamlessly integrate Prebid analytics into your AdTech system or analytical solution via API.
  • 3
    Implement React.js Library
    Showcase Prebid analytics graphs within your system's interface using the React.js library integration.
  • 4
    Access Real-Time Data
    Real-time exploration of Prebid auctions with an ultra-fast response time, under 200 ms.

  • 5
    Deploy Efficient Website Solution
    Utilize an asynchronous analytic adapter to avoid page loading delays, thereby reducing latency.
  • 6
    Benefit from Customizable Alerts
    Set up alerts and notifications for different types of events with varying levels of granularity.
Boost your company's efficiency
by outsourcing Prebid analytics
Our specialized experts bring cutting-edge technologies to optimize your ad operations, ensuring data-driven insights for enhanced efficiency. We provide cost-effectiveness by eliminating the need for significant upfront investments in hiring and infrastructure.

Accelerate your analytics implementation and achieve substantial cost savings through the use of our streamlined and efficient solution. Free up your team to focus on core competencies and leave the job to us!
Outsource Prebid Analytics
Save on server costs and support expenses
Pay only if you receive traffic (price per 1000 Ad Unit request)
If your traffic exceeds 300 million Ad Unit requests per month, we'll offer you a special price
Feel free to write or call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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    Head of Business Development
    Belgrade, Serbia
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    Sales Manager
    Alexandria, VA, USA
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